Reference: Sievi Element Oy – Machinery of the house element factory

Sievi Element’s house factory produces hundreds of element solutions for its customers a year.

Sievi Element Oy’s element factory in Sievi manufactures wooden wall elements and finished parts for the needs of professional builders. The high-quality elements are used to build single-family houses, terraced houses, apartment buildings, low-rise buildings, welfare facilities as well as daycare centers and schools.

Penope – machinery and equipment for the building industry
Penope Oy has designed and delivered the entire machine base of the prefab factory. The delivery has included component manufacturing machines and an element line equipped with a fully automatic HYBRID -multifunctional portal.

“The factory was planned in close cooperation with representatives of Penope Oy. The machine deliveries and the start-up of the factory took place as planned and the ramp-up of production happened quickly,” says Markus Göös, business director of Sievi Element Oy.

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