PENOPE -truss line is a flexible and user-friendly production line for the production of roof trusses. The line consists of automatically set press tables and an automatic press equipped with two pressing units. Setting up is quick with the help of automatic table setting, quick-locking stops and laser projectors.

The line consists of two working areas. During the pressing phase, another work area can be used to place the truss components and nail plates on the tables. By doing this way, the time spent on pressing can be used efficiently and the best possible capacity can be achieved. Thanks to the table structure, employees do not have to get up on the tables to work, but the work can be done from floor level.

Press tables

  • Length max. 4.200 mm
  • Width 600 mm
  • Number of tables: As needed
  • Perforated plate table
  • Quick locking stops
  • Spring loaded side plates
  • Mechanical table locking
  • The tables move longitudinally with linear guides
  • Automatic table positioning


  • Pressure, max 50 ton (roller press not needed)
  • Pressure plate unit 2 pcs
  • Pressure plate size 600 x 600 mm
  • Automatic function according to the truss program:
  • positioning and locking of the tables
  • pressing, fast/slow
  • pressure adjustment according to the size of the nailplate